Design Workshops

Working with a small group, a design professional guides a short educational presentation on basic design concepts and techniques. Then the draft blueprints are unrolled, markers handed out, and the newly minted amateur designers go to work.


A design workshop is a task-oriented session on a single topic where the participants, following a brief educational session, get down the specifics of the design problem. Over one to three hours, a small group of twenty to forty participants are challenged to plan out their preferred designs on paper within pre-defined parameters.

For example, on an intersection improvement project our workshop participants might sketch out preferred traffic pattern, suggest planters and similar amenities, or offer any number of design alternatives. The process invites fresh ideas, and, by working through the problem, gives stakeholders a better understanding of the challenges faced by government when shaping our pubic infrastructure.

Following the workshop, a roundtable-style evaluation helps test and sort out the community favorites. Given its relatively short duration, most are wrapped up in ninety minutes or less, design workshops can be easily integrated into larger conferences or town meetings.