Seeing is believing, and our visualizations team can develop a computer model that gives stakeholders a peek into the future to see "first hand" how the finished project looks and works. Visualizations can provide the capability to display multiple visual design alternatives for discussion and possible selection where applicable.

Visualizations assist in bridging the gap between the project engineers' vision and the project stakeholders' understanding of it. Not only can visualizations help finalize the design choice, they can also show design alternatives to get the discussion started.

Visualization techniques can help answer project questions such as: how will this project design blend in with the existing environment or location? How do these design drawings or CADD files translate to the finished project? What will be the impact of the project on traffic flow and patterns in the area?

Visualization opportunities include:

  • Photo Simulations
  • Renderings / Conceptual Images
  • Translating drawings into Visual Images
  • Animating Designs (Traffic Flows / Patterns, Windmills)
  • Visual Surveys

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