Brownfields Study

The City of Glens Falls selected Clough Harbour & Associates LLP (CHA) to implement its Brownfields Study Project to help redevelop candidate sites and enhance the economic vitality of the Warren Street Corridor. Community education, outreach and public participation were recognized from the beginning as critical to the overall success of the program. Tools used for the outreach program included a series of public meetings, information provided through the community's internet website, advertisements, and one-on-one discussions with property owners and other stakeholders to build consensus for the program. ArcGIS was utilized to develop a multi-layer geodatabase for the city to aid in identifying candidate sites for brownfield redevelopment. GIS was instrumental in accurately assessing existing conditions, performing spatial queries, generating printed maps, and presenting data graphically to residents at public meetings. Land use, zoning, environmental hazards, parcel boundaries, and aerial photography were among the GIS layers assembled

Brownfield Study