Clough Harbour & Associates has engaged the public on projects ranging from large scale airport planning to local road and intersection designs. Presented below is a small sample of our experience on projects completed for public and private clients throughout the eastern United States. In several instances, success came through the application in multiple public involvement techniques in a coordinated effort.

Albany County Landfill

The proposed Rapp Road Landfill expansion includes the construction of approximately 10 acres... Read more

CSX River Line

The Gurnee Avenue "Tunnel" provides one of the few grade separated crossings in the Village, however... Read more

Waterbury Oxford Airport

The Connecticut Department of Transportation retained CHA to perform a comprehensive... Read more

Driver Sports Complex

The City of Suffolk has developed a master plan for an outdoor athletic/festival facility at the former... Read more

Western Clifton Park GEIS

The Western Clifton Park GEIS addressed a full scope of development issues that this area of town may face in the future. The primary mitigation measure is the implementation of the... Read more

Brownfields Study

The City of Glens Falls selected Clough Harbour & Associates LLP (CHA) to implement its Brownfields Study Project to... Read more