Erie Boulevard Reconstruction

CHA is completing the design for the reconstruction of Erie Boulevard (I-890 to Liberty Street) in the City of Schenectady. Various cross sectional alternatives for the corridor will be evaluated to improve the corridor's infrastructure, parking, access control, pedestrian accommodations, and aesthetics.

Erie Blvd. towards GE

A large public information effort will present project details and designs in public meetings and to provide ongoing project information to the public overall. A key aspect of this public information effort will be visualizations to clearly illustrate project designs and foster project understanding.

An initial presentation of a hand rendered conceptual design was well received by city leaders and the project team, however they did request the capability to view the design from multiple vantage points for a complete picture of the design and site. They also requested a rapid turnaround to be able to view and discuss the updated views at the next regularly scheduled meeting.

Erie Blvd. towards GE

CHA's Technology Solutions Visualization Team was able to quickly convert the hand rendered design into a 3D conceptual model with multiple vantage points incorporated as requested. The interactive capability of the 3D model allows the viewer to click through the multiple vantage points in sequence to simulate movement up and down the boulevard. The presentation of the 3D conceptual model to the city leaders and project team was very successful. In fact, the city leaders requested that the model area be expanded and that more detail be added. The updated model was successfully presented at the subsequent fall public meeting regarding the project. The impact of the model in illustrating the design vision was apparent as indicated by the questions and discussion initiated by the meeting attendees.

The flexibility of visualizations such as the 3D conceptual renderings noted above provide many options to assist in validating the project design and direction with clients and the public at large. Visualizations ensure a common level of understanding of the project and that all key parties are on the same page. This in turn provides confidence to support project decision making.

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