CHA Headquarters

CHA Headquarters

CHA Consulting, Inc. (CHA), is a full service engineering firm. We trace our roots back to 1952, when as a small engineering and surveying firm we first made a name for ourselves as an award-winning highway design consultant. In the decades since, our scope of services has diversified to include a wide variety of professional disciplines, each staffed by top engineering and design talent recruited from around the country. Today, from our headquarters in Albany, NY and dozens of offices across the counrty, we offer the services of highly trained engineers, technology professionals, planners, landscape architects, technicians, surveyors, and support personnel.

Our in-house Technology Solutions team provides expertise in database design, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), application development, systems integration, visualizations and web development. Working hand-in-hand with our engineering staff, they focus on developing solutions to increase productivity internally at CHA, as well as providing services that add value to our external clients.

We provide both public and private clients with services that include engineering, technology products, acquisition, planning, feasibility studies, preparation of construction documents, surveys, and inspections. When combined with our network of outside specialty consultants, we have the resources to put together a team of experts capable of addressing projects of nearly any size or scope.