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Putting people first is a common sense way to design public infrastructure. Giving a voice to all stakeholders, asking them for input early on, delivers fresh ideas while fostering a sense of ownership by local residents.

CHA PublicInfo is an introduction to the suite of public involvement services offered by CHA Consulting, Inc. (CHA). Our services span techniques from traditional town meetings to new online collaboration tools.

CHA maintains a staff of technology professionals who work closely with our engineers, planners, and landscape architects. This allows us to leverage traditional consensus building techniques with tools like custom designed project visualization and public information websites.

Featured Project

Aerieal View

Erie Boulevard

CHA is completing the design for the reconstruction of Erie Boulevard (I-890 to Liberty Street) in the City of Schenectady. Various cross sectional alternatives for the corridor will be evaluated to improve the corridor's infrastructure, parking, access control, pedestrian accommodations, and aesthetics.

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